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August 18, 2013

TRAIN is the third stage in our 5-stage Business Relationship Model.


The ultimate goal of true “Training”  is to develop and hone skills.  People can only do what they know, so part of the training experience is to teach new and revive forgotten knowledge on which the new or enhanced skills are based.


We utilizes time-tested and proven training methodologies which also make the most of all aspects of an individual’s learning style.  We employ a “learning-practicing-applying-assessing” cycle.  This insures that each classroom training module has practical utility and produces real results.  In the action-oriented environment of the classroom, participants practice what they are learning and then are urged to put the principles covered into action on a daily basis so that new, positive habits are developed.  Following successful application on the job, they are asked to report the results back to the group.   All of this is accomplished in an atmosphere of positive reinforcement making the training both enjoyable as well as growth-producing.  This makes the training appealing, motivating, Enjoyable, Enlightening, Enhancing and Enduring.


As the former Senior Instructor and Corporate Solutions Director for Dale Carnegie Training®, Joe’s job was to teach and coach other Carnegie instructors on the use of highly-interactive training techniques and processes to ensure the transference of the training material into practical, usable skills.   His training style is based on the adult learning philosophy of “discovery.”  Each participant must discover for themselves the relevance and usefulness of the training material covered.  The ‘light-bulb’ goes on in an individual’s mind as the instructor leads the class through a carefully planned and executed set of interactive and participative training processes.  Presenting the material, and then asking probing and thought-provoking questions to stimulate thinking, more questions and possibly objections is one of the only ways to create an environment for the class member to experience the “a-ha” phenomena.  Joe trains all of our instructors, trainers and coaches in these techniques.


In order to stand by our ROI guarantees, there must be a process in place to ensure positive and measurable outcomes.  We use a four-step cycle.
 Read about it here.


Why should you choose The Intentional Companies for your training needs?

No political or hidden agendas that could cause skepticism in participants and hinder them from changing.

Attitude and behavior change expertise to ensure performance improvement.

Ability to help people see outside their personal and organizational paradigms to find new and creative ways to overcome barriers and succeed

Contemporary techniques integrated with time-tested, proven training methodologies, ensuring the acquisition of desired behaviors and skills


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