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July 9, 2013

  • programs and offerings

Here are a few brief descriptions of some of  our programs:


ISP™ is a simple, yet comprehensive sales success system used to convert interest into commitment.  As seen in the visual, the ISP™ is a complete system developing attitude, knowledge and skills for each of the stages of the sales process—before, during and after the interaction with the client/customer/prospect.

Selling is a relationship-based, consultative process which creates an inspirational atmosphere within, and by, which the “close” is merely the logical conclusion to the conversation(s) about the proper solution to the customer’s needs and desired outcomes.  In the stage of contact with the prospect, your sales staff will learn the fundamentals, as well as advanced skills to: 1-Build Rapport; 2-Build Understanding; 3-Build Solutions; 4-Build Commitment.



A company has usually built their success on having great ability to execute when a customer need arises.  However, to develop a full competitive edge that’s not enough.  An organization needs to make the experience of working with them more valuable than working with any other. They need to not only satisfy their clients, they need to delight them.  Studies have proven customer satisfaction doesn’t have any noticeable impact on the bottom line while customer loyalty is the single most contributing factor to a company’s profitability—and customer loyalty is the result of customer delight.

ICD™ helps a company develop and maintain customer loyalty through a simple, yet comprehensive and practical four-step system: 1) Attitude Control—since attitude dictates action, ensuring Intentional attitudes of everyone in the company is the foundation of everything; 2) Define Customer Categories—each customer falls into just a few categories which when defined will determine their unique expectations; 3) Map the Current Customer Experience—internal systems and processes have a direct and indirect effect on how effectively and efficiently the organization deals with the customer; 4)  Exceed Expectations—execute, follow up and measure the tailored experience which makes the customer feel important and ‘wow’ed.



The Intentional Trainer™ teaches and coaches trainers how to create a participant-centered training atmosphere.  A trainer should create a true training environment—one that inspires and coaches real behavior and performance change.  Often times, the distinction between education and training is misunderstood.  In many cases, education is conducted under the guise of training, producing no significant results.  True training can be measured and proven to produce positive impact.  This requires trainers fully understand their role, and possess the skills necessary to produce significant improvement.

•   The Intentional Life™

•   The Intentional Leader™

•   Intentional Teams™

•   Intentional Corporate Solutions™

•   Mastermind and Coaching Forum™

•  Speakers Bureau


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•   The Intentional Coach™

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