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August 18, 2013

EDUCATE is the first stage in our 5-stage Business Relationship Model.


Education is the delivery of information and knowledge in such a way that each participant is able to perceive accurately and think clearly about achieving self-selected goals and aspirations in the area of the education topic.


Our Founder, Joe Price,  has come to believe 

what is freely given, should be given freely.”

The knowledge and information contained in all The Intentional Companies’ material are based on universal principles and truths.  The insights used to compile these principles and processes were also freely given as gifts, and now should and will be shared openly and freely.  Intentional Achievements and Intentional Living Alliance will make this information available through many different education venues-keep an eye out for them.


It will be impossible for us to accomplish our vision of “Millions are Living Intentionally,” without making The intentional Living Principles and Models available for all people everywhere to know and use.  We will be offering educational material here on the site as well as conducting seminars, webinars, workshops and speaking engagements-all freely given.  Keep coming back to see what is new.  If any organization or group of individuals you are a part of would like an Intentional Education event, contact us and we will work it out with you.


Some of the available topics are:

Definition Of Intentional Living

Intention Vs. Reaction

Cycle of Mastery

Comfort Zone

Intentional Decision Making

Purpose-Decisive Life

Purpose-Empowered Life

Living a Values-based Life

Priorities, Activities And Choices

Right People In The Right Place


Inspirational Leadership

Communication Scars/Filters

Communication Decoding

Communication Needs

The Five I-Messages

5 Listening Levels

Emotional Intelligence

Think, Feel, Act


Stress And Worry

Nine Areas Of Life

Positive Self-Talk

Thinking Makes it So

Passion, Purpose, Principles

Shifting Paradigms Intentionally


You can start by learning about our Four Foundations.

next stage…



Do you need a workshop presenter or speaker for your next get-together, meeting or convention?  Here are some of the topics we can present. Contact us for details (and fees-for certain situations).

Learn More.

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