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Delivery Modes

July 11, 2013

In order to help individuals and businesses live and work “With and On Purpose™” and achieve their goals and objectives, Intentional Achievements™ utilizes   various   roles, delivery services, instructional methodologies and tools, including: read more.

1.    Consulting and Coaching Services

2.    On-Site and Off-Site Instructor-Led Training Programs for Any Size Team, Group, Department or Division

3.    Mastermind and Coaching Forums

4.    Keynote Addresses

5.    Topic-Specific Education Seminars

6.    Full Program and Topic-Specific Webinars

7.    Professional and/or Personal Coaching

8.    Internet-Based Education, Training and Follow-Up (such as Skype, Go To Meeting, Customized Collaboration Platform)

10.  Books and Audio Books

11.  Progress Reports and Evaluation Forms

12.  Instructional Design

Intentional Achievements™ also provides instructional design capabilities for organizations which desire to create customized education and training programs they desire to own and have chosen individuals within their organization be trained to deliver.

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