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Custom Curriculum Creations

August 17, 2013

You may be a small business owner who is experiencing slow or no growth, or you have come to the realization you can’t get to the next level of growth for your company unless you and your employees, if you have any, develop and enhance some deficient skill sets.. You don’t have the time or expertise to research and decide what training programs will develop these necessary skills, but you are smart enough to know that an off-the-shelf, seminar-based education program won’t produce the results you need.

You may be looking for specific education and training for your medium or large business. You may have a human resource, and maybe even a training, department who think they can design the perfect curriculum for your company’s needs. The problem is they are caught up in the paradigms of your corporate culture and politics which prevents them from getting the truth about the real problems and makes it very difficult for them to design an objective, performance-based training experience that can produce the right measurable results.

Custom Curriculum Creations is not your typical instructional designer. The programs we design for you are not written by academics using the standard ADDIE education design model. Joe Price, who leads our team, has over 30 years of experience designing outcome-based training programs specifically for the business community. During his tenure as Director of Instruction for Dale Carnegie Training®, Joe taught and coached other Dale Carnegie® instructors on the use of highly-interactive training techniques and processes to ensure the transference of the training material into practical, usable skills. His own training style is based on the adult learning philosophy of “discovery.” Joe explains that “each participant must discover for themselves the relevance and usefulness of the training material covered in order for them to internalize it and make it their own—which turns it into a permanent part of their behavior.”

Joe has designed and instructed programs and seminars for companies such as AT&T, GWRRA, Wal-Mart Distribution, Intel, Volvo Cars of North America, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Godiva Chocolatier, city and county governments, and numerous small businesses. Here are a few of the accomplishments based on his instructional design capabilities;

  • Designed, implemented and coordinated multiple training programs within several divisions and plants of a multi-national chemicals company with measurable improvements in more effective employee utilization, substantial cost savings, and increased revenue.
  • Developed and implemented breakthrough plans for sales staff, instructors, and leadership team of a major training company franchise that resulted in a dramatic turnaround in employee retention, increased customer satisfaction, and a 140% increase in gross revenue.
  • Trained and taught shop floor workers in quality improvement, process reengineering techniques, and people skills which improved employee morale, on-time delivery, and created a $475,000 cost savings within just 6 months.
  • Coached a redesign of a regional supermarket’s senior executive team’s leadership style that caused a major culture change in the organization’s implementation of its strategic vision, and exploded regional growth.
  • Identified the major and root causes of severe turnover and morale problems for a recruiting advertising company and implemented a comprehensive program that improved company culture, teamwork, client satisfaction, and increased gross revenue.
  • Redesigned a comprehensive training program midstream for a car dealership to specifically meet the needs and skill-gap requirements of the participants substantially increasing the customer satisfaction index, sales and departmental teamwork.
  • Designed a comprehensive and integrated training and coaching program for all employees, from senior staff through managers to shop floor workers of a large clothing manufacturing company causing the breakdown of major management-employee communication barriers and resulted in substantial cost savings and a much smoother and easier plant relocation effort.

From designing a leadership program for the largest single-marque motorcycle association called, “Lead Like You Ride,” to “Intentional Recovery” designed for a premiere substance abuse health organization, Custom Curriculum Creations has the experience and expertise to get to know your business, its language, culture and needs so we can design a relevant training program your people will enjoy, relate to and use. All of our programs are based on universal principles which are applied in specific ways to produce measurable results.



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