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Make Life Worth Living: Ensure Your Career Matches Your Passions

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Every morning, or whatever time you wake, you’re gonna have to roll out of bed, get ready for the day, and do something: most likely work.

Equally, once work is done you’re going to decompress or relax. Think working out, enjoying entertainment, pursuing a hobby, socializing, or some combination of the four.

Throughout the process, and throughout the day itself, people can be divided into two camps; those who are relatively happy and those who aren’t.

Who’d you rather be?

Make no mistake, there’s a whole range of different factors that can affect how one feels. Family, friends, media, the weather, a chance encounter, etc. all can contribute to momentary moods.

However, the major difference is if you look forward to professional tasks or not, if you’re happy about setting foot within the workplace or merely relieved when stepping out. After all, you likely spend half your waking hours doing what you do. And believe it or not, that outlook can dictate a whole lot of other factors:

First and foremost, people happy with their careers and hobbies are more likely to watch after themselves, follow their doctor’s advice, and enjoy a whole range of activities.

People disengaged with work often bottle their emotions and feel suffocated. Generally, but not always, this impacts day-to-day familial and friendly relations in one of two ways:

  1.  Staying bottled and therefore aloof and emotionally isolated
  2.  Acting out.

Neither is exactly conducive to true social satisfaction.

Those who aren’t happy with work can likely overdevelop a need for entertainment or escape, not only leading to social isolation but disregarding other career paths.

TV and novels can be fun, but can also quickly develop into quicksand.

Those satisfied with work are likely to be more efficient and proactive, no matter if that means tracking down leads or designing a building.

While they exist, Walter Mittys are rare and they’re usually less happy than you think. Near everybody needs to be occupied, not preoccupied, to be creative in a constructive manner.

Those who enjoy what they do not only put more energy in their work, but other endeavors as well.  Why? Because they’re happy.

Dissatisfied? Starting from Square One Isn’t Always the Answer
Contribution is one underrated aspect of career fulfillment.

Been an accountant for twenty years, absolutely loath numbers, and willing to make some sacrifices? Well then becoming a forest ranger or teacher might be right for you.

However, a change of setting might be the ticket too. Perhaps switching organizations from a bank to a nonprofit, or vice-versa, will generate the fulfillment you’re looking for.

All such endeavors require self exploration and goal actualization. And y’know what? An outside perspective can be just the galvanization you need.

To your Intentional Success



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On January 7, 2014

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