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Who We Are


We are a family of companies dedicated to making a difference in the world through Intentionality.  You will learn more about what it means to be intentional at Intentional Companies. It is through Intentional Achievements we work with businesses making a positive measurable impact, qualitatively and quantitatively, for organizations and their people.  Intentional Living Alliance is our 501(c)(3) helping make a difference for those recovering from substance abuse, in and just getting out of jail or prison, as well as, at-risk teens and young adults. Intentional Ministries helps Pastors and staff grow personally and professionally which enhances their ability to lead their churches in the growth and scope of their outreach.



Welcome to our company, Intentional Achievements. We are specialists in providing achievement-based training, consulting, and coaching.

Why are you here? You want training solutions that will propel you and your company into the fast lane. Enter Intentional. That is the drive that has accelerated you to where you are today. You know life doesn’t happen by mistake. It’s why you want coaching solutions that engage that same drive. We have solutions that use state-of-the-art coaching techniques using proven methods to generate you fast, intentional results.

Of all people, you know the meaning of hard work and have enjoyed the rewards of your effort. Enter Achievement. It’s the force that has pulled you through the trenches. You know that nothing great comes easy in life. It’s why you want consulting that keeps the trophy in mind. At Intentional Achievements, our team of experienced professionals are ready to provide the consulting and education to take your company to the next level.



Established  in  2002,  Intentional  Achievements™  was  founded  on  the  principle  that  everyone  can discover  how  to  make  decisions  and  live  their  lives  “By  Design—Not  By  Accident  or  Reaction™.” Whether it is business success, quality colleague relations, improved communication skills, financial independence, balance of priorities, or personal fulfillment and peace, Intentional Achievements™ (IA™) is dedicated to helping individuals intentionally achieve it.  IA™ uses the same principles and processes to help organizations accomplish the same results and achieve their vision, goals and objectives.

Through over 25 years of experience, research and training, the founder of Intentional Achievements™ has developed a complete and comprehensive system of self- and business- improvement processes that will help each program participant develop the necessary attitudes, knowledge and habits to take control  of  their  life  and/or  business  to  achieve  more  than  they  ever  thought  possible.  Intentional Achievements™ utilizes time-tested and proven training methodologies which make the most of all aspects of an individual’s learning style. This makes the training appealing, motivating, enlightening, enriching and enduring.



Service: each client, individual or business, will have designed for them a comprehensive, personalized plan for success chosen from a menu of our products and services. We will analyze each client’s needs and wants, determine the best plan of action, coach them through the process, and evaluate their progress and success along the way;

Experience: the Executive Leadership Team has a total of more than 95 years of proven, practical experience in business, sales, leadership, management, training and consulting. Through their extensive backgrounds, they will coach, teach and help handle/overcome most situations or challenges our clients face in their lives, as well as lead and manage the business model that will produce solid and continuous financial growth;

Unique Product & Service: unlike our competitors who only have one or two components relating to personal and business success, Intentional Achievements™’ Intentional Living Model™ contains a complete and comprehensive, yet easy to follow, step by step approach to help individuals live and work “With and On Purpose” allowing them to Intentionally Achieve whatever their minds can conceive.

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We are very fortunate to work with the most talented group of program designers, educators, consultants, trainers and coaches. No matter the subject, scale or scope of your project, we have the team to implement and guarantee Return on Investment (ROI).





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